Product Feature: 250 kW Perkins Diesel Generator Set

Product Feature: 250 kW Perkins Diesel Generator Set

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For dependable, adaptable standby or prime power, choose Triton Generators’ 250 kW Perkins Diesel Generator Set. This genset offers facilities 3-phase power at both 60 Hz (at 1800 rpm) or 50 Hz (at 1500 rpm). For standby applications, total generator output measures 250 kW and prime power output is 225 kW.

The 250 kW genset begins with Perkins engine model #1506A-E88TAG3, part of the 1500 Series. With a dry weight of 2502 pounds, the model offers an impressive power to weight ratio. This particular model is an 8.8 liter, turbocharged, air-to-air charge cooled, inline 6 cylinder engine.

The engine is managed electronically, which allows for precise fuel monitoring and injection timing within the hydraulic actuated unit injection (HEUI) fuel system. This fuel system adds to the durable, flexible nature of the engine. It can operate on varying fuel qualities in extreme climates under both prime and standby usage, in addition to the ability to switch between operations at 50 and 60 Hz.

The genset consumes 63 liters of diesel per hour at full load from its 660 liter fuel tank. At 75% load, fuel consumption is 48 liters per hour and at 50% consumption is 33 liters per hour. This is comparable to other 250 kW diesel gensets on the market. It is liquid cooled. Deep Sea Electronics’ digital utility control model DSE7420 allows for user-friendly control and diagnostics.

Triton Generators tests their generators under full load, including tests of all control and safety functions. Additionally, the 250 kW Perkins diesel generator set is backed by a 1-year or 1,000-hour limited warranty.

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