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Voltage Regulators

When you use a voltage regulator, it aims to maintain the proper voltage needed for a device. Everything in your home and office requires a specific voltage size. A stove does not need the same amount of voltage as your blender. The incoming power supply of an electronic device gets converted into the desired voltage required to manage inconsistent loads. Using various generators, a voltage regulator will help separate the load between multiple generators.

A generator that runs multiple appliances and devices in your home can become overloaded. When you use an automatic voltage regulator, it will stabilize the output voltage of generators at a variety of loads. Offices and homes can use a generator to power up multiple appliances and devices without worrying about their generator going out from overworking.

Generators do not come with automatic voltage regulators attached to them. Because generators’ primary function is to supply electricity to your office or home during a power outage, they cannot control the voltage level going into your home. You will need to place an automatic voltage regulator on the bottom, the left side of the generator.

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Showing 1–12 of 16 results

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