Generator Commissioning Checklist

Generator Commissioning Checklist

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Once a generator is installed, it must be tested to ensure that all systems and components have been engineered and installed properly before the “commissioning,” or start-up. Following a generator commissioning checklist (also referred to as a generator load test checklist) after installation is crucial to continue operating the generator legally. Safety should always be first priority when operating an electrical distribution network and testing that the local network can accept the electricity. Before scheduling the start-up, it is important that the fuel system, starting system, airflow, electrical system and site are inspected thoroughly for a smooth performance.

Fuel System

First, check that the fuel tank is full and the oil level is correct. The installation guide given to you by your distributor should inform you of your generator’s specific fuel consumption.

Starting System

Batteries must be installed, filled and connected. Secondly, the hydraulic valves should be positioned correctly, with the compressor operational. Once the hydraulic pressures are audited, the condensate can be drained.

Air Flow

Generators require an extensive area of space for proper airflow. The area specifications are indicated in the installation manual. The air filter should also be cleaned and inspected before the start-up.

Electrical System

The generator’s output voltage should match the facility it is supplying. It’s also important that the proper wiring accessories are used for communications and power wiring. Armoured cables should be used for connecting the generator.


After completion of the operational portion of the commissioning checklist, it is critical that the site itself is inspected for any potential hazards. All debris should be cleared from the site, with a clear path for the commissioners to perform the start-up. When all site codes have been met, and your team has been properly trained for start-up, the generator is ready for commissioning.

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