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Winterizing Your Triton Generator

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A winter power outage is no walk in the park, especially during a freezing power outage.

Standby generators are a great insurance policy against spending the night in the cold, book a hotel or having to close your business until the power is back.

If you live in Northern climates where the temperature drops below 10 degrees, it is strongly recommended to add a cold weather kit to ensure your standby generator starts properly.

You’ve seen or heard of cars not starting in cold weather because of dead batteries. The same goes for standby generators. Cold weather kits include thermostat controlled battery warmers that automatically turn on when the temperature drops below 40 degrees, allowing you to set it and forget it.

During the summer, the oil in a generator acts as a slippery lubricant. In the winter, it can turn into friction fighting sludge. Most cold weather kits also include a crank case heater that automatically prevents the oil from turning into a goopy mess.

The generators are filled with ordinary oil for summer weather operations, but during the Winter it might be recommended to switch to a thinner oil, which will heat up faster.

You should also purchase the appropriate maintenance kit for the type of oil the generator is using. 

We carry a large assortment of parts and accessories to keep your generator running regardless of the weather conditions. Email us at info@gopower.com and we will help you find the right solution for your unit.

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