Why Marine Generators are Essential

Why Marine Generators are Essential

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May 22 is Maritime Day, a day to pay respects to the economic and national security benefits that our marine industries provide our country. What better way to recognize the importance of our maritime industries than to appreciate the power sources that keep our maritime vessels on the move, engines and diesel generators?

Whether you’re navigating a commercial vessel or you’re leisurely enjoying the waters on your recreational boat, marine generators can be the difference between making it home safely or being lost at sea. Having a lack of power could mean the loss of using valuable navigation equipment.

Marine generators are distinctly different than residential or industrial generators because they are manufactured to resist corrosion and other moisture issues associate with being at sea. Additionally, marine generators are designed to be as compact as possible to allow for maximum free-space within the vessel.

Advantages of Marine Generators

  • lower maintenance costs than gas generators
  • lower cost per Kilowat when compared to gas generators
  • improved noise reduction
  • reliable
  • safer operation due to no sparking
  • longer life spans due to lower burn temperatures

Before you start shopping marine generator brands, you need to determine your ship’s needs. This will help you narrow down power and styles of generators that are available to fit and support your vessel.

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