Why Choose a Portable Diesel Generator over Gas?

Why Choose a Portable Diesel Generator over Gas?

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During natural disasters, brief power outages or even recreational outdoor events, you may be looking for an appropriate power source that will be dependable, yet affordable for your needs. Portable generators are a cost-effective and reliable power source for backup power when the regular supply of electricity is interrupted. When choosing a portable generator, you will have to choose a fuel supply that best suits your needs and priorities.

Diesel vs. Gas Generator

There are a few considerable differences between diesel and gas generators that make the research worthwhile. Perhaps the most prominent difference between the two deals with fuel consumption. Diesel generators burn less fuel than gasoline generators, making diesel generators much more cost-effective and efficient.

Secondly, diesel engines are much more reliable than gas with a longer lifespan. Because diesel engines do not require spark plugs or wires, unlike gas, they are easier to maintain but may have difficulty starting in cold weather. Gas generators, on the other hand, start easily in any type of weather.

Why Choose a Portable Diesel Generator over Gas?

When choosing a portable generator, it is important that you consider your functional priorities. Portable diesel generators have several more advantages than portable gas generators that make it more optimal for your home-use needs.

Most importantly, diesel generators burn less fuel than gas, making them much cheaper and more efficient to operate. Higher fuel efficiency equates to longer run time. Diesel is also generally cheaper than gas to begin with.

A small portable generator for home-use is likely going to be within close proximity of your home at all times. Diesel is the least flammable fuel source, which would create a safer environment for your family, whether you are using your portable generator at a tailgate or at your home during a power outage.

With low maintenance and limited upkeep, portable diesel generators are the most suitable option for those looking to only use their generator during times of emergency. For the purpose of portability, having a sturdy and reliable product is necessary. The durability of a diesel engine makes it longer lasting, for families looking to get their money’s worth out of a generator they will only use a few times throughout the year.

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