15 kW Kubota Diesel Generator - EPA Tier 4

Why Choose A Diesel Generator?

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Choosing a generator in today’s fuel pricing uncertainty requires an unit that is long lasting, reliable and cost efficient . Diesel  engines have a proven history of being extremely efficient and economical.  Diesel is priced a little higher than gasoline but more energy can be extracted from diesel as compared with the same volume of gasoline. That is the reason why diesel engines in automobiles provide higher mileage, making it an better choice for heavy-duty transportation and equipment. 

Some of the advantages of using diesel engines are the following:

– Newer diesel engines have low noise levels and maintenance costs.

– They are built more ruggedly to withstand the rigors of higher compression. 

– They typically deliver 25 to 30 percent better fuel economy than similarly performing gasoline engines.

– Diesel engines have no spark plugs or distributors. Therefore, they never need ignition tune-ups.

– Gasoline units burn hotter than diesel units, and hence they have a significantly shorter life compared with diesel units.

Diesel engines are commonly used as mechanical engines, power generators and in mobile drives. They are present in almost all industries and can be observed on a daily basis if you were to look under the hood of everything you pass by. Industrial diesel engines and diesel powered generators have construction, marine, mining, hospital, forestry, telecommunications, underground, and agricultural applications, just to name a few. Power generation for prime or standby backup power is the major application of today’s diesel generators. 

Diesel powered generators, or electrical generator sets, are used in countless industrial and commercial establishments.  The generators can be used for small applications, such as in homes, as well as for larger loads like industrial plants, hospitals, and commercial buildings. They can either be prime power sources or standby/back-up power sources and are available in various specifications and sizes.  Diesel generator sets rating 5-30KW are typically used in simple personal applications.  Industrial applications cover a wider spectrum of power ratings (from 30 kW to 6000 kW) and are used in numerous industries around the world.

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