Which Type of Generator is Right for Your Family?

Which Type of Generator is Right for Your Family?

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Few things are as inconvenient as a power outage. If it lasts for several hours, your food could spoil, and you will be left without many of the creature comforts that electronic devices bring. If there is severe weather, the results could be even worse.  Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, could leave your home uninhabitable.

You can remedy the situation by having an emergency generator at the ready to power basic home appliances through the duration of a power outage. Generators could be permanent standby or portable. Each generator type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Portable generator

Portable generators are the more affordable option and can power a few vital electrical devices during the outage. These small generators can be wheeled out of the garage. They run on gas, so you need to be careful when the tank runs out. Do not fill up the tank while the generator is running. Overfilling the tank can cause a fire or explosion.

In selecting the best portable generator for your family, calculate the amount of power that you think you will need. You won’t be able to keep everything running, so prioritize the most important appliances.   

A portable generator can power your refrigerator, lamps, TVs, and sump pump through an extension cable. Connecting the portable generator to your house’s wiring system can be dangerous. The connection and back feed into the power lines and your neighbors’ homes pose a risk for electrocution. 

Permanent standby generators

These generators are permanently installed outside the house and ready for use. They run on an existing fuel source such as natural gas. The generator can create enough power to provide energy to your home almost immediately after the power supply is interrupted. A transfer switch connects to the generator and helps monitor the incoming electric supply. When the regular electrical supply is cut off, the transfer switch will disconnect from the utility line and connect to the power line of the generator.

A permanent generator is a lot more expensive than the portable version, but it provides enough power to keep more electrical appliances operational.  Based on your needs and the frequency of power outages in your area, decide on the type of emergency generator that is best suited for your home.

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