Which Diesel Generators Is Best For You?

Which Diesel Generators Is Best For You?

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The type of generator that you should buy depends on your power needs. The number of appliances and machines and the wattage consumption of each will help you determine the size and type of diesel generator that is suited best for you. The size of the generator also depends on its use, if it is for home or commercial use.

At Americas Generators, there are several popular and trusted brands to choose from.

  • Cummins generators
  • John Deere generators
  • Mitsubishi generators
  • Perkins generators
  • Volvo generators
  • Yanmar generators

What makes one diesel generator brand better than any other brand? To give you an idea of what makes the above diesel generator brands so popular, here’s a quick overview of some features of three top selling diesel generator brands.

Perkins Diesel Generators

Perkins generators are known for low operating cost and impressive performance. Perkins diesel motors attract positive reviews and feedback due to their durability and reliability. The body of many Perkins generators is made of powder-coated, high-quality steel, which contributes to long-lasting performance against scratching, erosion, and corrosion.

John Deere Diesel Generators

John Deere generators have powerful engines, yet they are light, compact and relatively quiet. The diesel engine of this generator brand is not the only enticing feature since it also boasts a control panel that can be synced remotely to your computer or mobile device. Using an external modem, you will receive a mobile alert on the status and performance of your John Deere generator.

John Deere diesel generators include varying features to ensure that your generator will last for years. These features include dust-proof canopies, and a high quality steel and painting process that can weather wear and tear from elements and provide years of use.

Cummins Diesel Generators

Another top of the line diesel generator brand that you will see at Americas Generators is Cummins. Cummins regularly enjoys a top spot among favorite standby generators for homes and commercial establishments. This generator brand is known for reliability and dependability, including energy loading often in 10 seconds or less.

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