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Technology rolls forward like a juggernaut, with state-of-the-art improvements and cutting edge advances, but sometimes, a step backward is an improvement in its own right.  In the case of emergencies and natural disasters, for example, simple devices that don’t depend on power may be of the greatest worth. 

During disasters, the main concern is often the power supply that we have come to depend on to make our world tick.  The pedal-powered electricity generator can help sustain that power.

Uses of Pedal-Powered Generators

The pedal-powered electricity generator works well to lend power in remote locations such as when people go camping. It works by pedaling or hand cranking in order to charge 12-volt batteries that can power small gadgets or appliances. It can store up to 80 watts of electricity. The user can alternate between pedaling or cranking by hand to keep the energy flowing. 

This simple technology has proven useful in powering lights and appliances for people working in forests or on boats. It has been getting a lot of attention because of people’s growing awareness of the effects of global warming and the prohibitive cost of energy in some poor countries.

The concept of the pedal-powered electricity generator was inspired by the practicality of the wind turbine generator, which is attached to ocean buoys. It is used to generate electricity for equipment used in underwater research. The demand for this type of generator was boosted by boaters who wanted to generate electricity without overworking their diesel engines.

Pedal-powered electricity generators are also used for instructional purposes in schools. They demonstrate the amount of human exertion that is required to produce power, something that develops awareness of energy consumption and helps encourage kids to conserve. 

Disaster Preparedness

Pedal-powered generators are especially useful for disaster preparedness, especially in the arena of medical care. In major disasters, power can be unavailable for days on end. In these situations, providing power to fuel critical medical devices and cool temperature-sensitive medications can save lives.

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