Volvo Generator with Engine Model # TAD1352GE

Volvo Generator with Engine Model # TAD1352GE

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Many commercial buildings rely solely on the regular electric supply to power their operations. Those facilities could have a major problem in the event of a large-scale power failure. Calamities cannot be foreseen, and they usually come at the most inopportune times. A powerful hurricane could paralyze a city, including the operations of its hospitals, airports and other important services.

Some organizations have implemented a backup system. They may have purchased diesel-power generators to sustain activity through outages. But the generators may not be equipped to handle a prolonged loss of power. In fact, many generators can only power a few of the most basic appliances.

Commercial facilities must purchase diesel-powered generators that will be powerful enough to guarantee full operations for extended periods. There are several good generators on the market designed specifically for commercial and industrial needs.  Here’s a look at one of them: 

Volvo Generator with Engine Model # TAD1352GE

Volvo is a leading manufacturer of diesel-powered generators. Volvo offers one of the world’s largest selections of generators, alternators, and accessories. The Volvo Generator with Engine Model # TAD1352GE is a highly reliable Volvo diesel engine that can drive any synchronous electrical generator. The electrical generator has a compact and brushless design that features automatic output voltage regulation to effectively compensate for temperature and load variations.

This Volvo diesel-power generator is fitted with a Stamford alternator with a 60 Hz power rating. It has a 350 kW or 438 kV standby power rating and a 320 kW or 400 kV prime power rating. The generator is equipped with a two-position switch with a system output of a three phase 120/240V low wye and a three phase 277/480 V high wye.  It also has a three-position switch with a system output of single phase 120/240 V zigzag, three-phase 120/208V low wye, and three-phase 177/480 V high wye.

This generator has a full set of receptacles with a load center for its distribution center, a Deep Sea control panel, acoustic cabin, and heavy-duty trailer. It is also equipped with different features to keep its operator safe.  

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