Volvo Diesel Model# TAD753GE

Volvo Diesel Model# TAD753GE

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Businesses, hospitals, and homes need generators as a guarantee that there will be no disruption of operations in day-to-day activities in the event that there is a power outage. Electric power distributors do their best to ensure that there is a continuous supply in the grids, but glitches and other unforeseen circumstances could interrupt the supply, even for a short duration.

While power interruption may be brief, it can result in serious damage to infrastructure and machinery. It will not be easy to restart an assembly line if power is out, even for a minute. Patients could die if power turns off in hospitals and other emergency service centers. If control tower communications or runway lights are interrupted, there could be accidents in the airport involving planes that are landing or taking off.  As a safeguard, it is imperative to have backup generators that will automatically kick in once the regular electric supply is disrupted.

There are many types of generators on the market. They come in various sizes and capacities. Based on power consumption, organizations can decide on the type of backup generator they need.

Volvo Diesel Generator Engine Model# TAD753GE

Volvo is a popular brand of diesel generator. There are different models of Volvo generators, but Model# TAD753GE is one of the best options for a backup generator.

This model is both economical and reliable. It was built to produce low-noise operation because it is vibration-free. It provides excellent combustion and conservative fuel consumption and complies with the government’s emission regulations.

This model comes equipped with a Stamford Alternator with a 60 Hz power rating. It has a standby power rating of 250 kVA or 200kW.  Its prime power rating stands at 225 kVA or 180kW.

It has a Deep Sea Control Panel, Model # DSE7320 and an Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Module that monitors a number of engine parameters. It will annunciate warnings, shutdown, and engine status information by way of a backlit LCD screen and illuminated LED. It enables the operator of the generator to monitor status by way of a remote PC, SMS text alerts, or  audible alarms. It has Ethernet ports for system expansion.

For a fee, buyers can get custom-designed trailers that are tailored to the specifications of their generator.

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