Using Rental Power for Special Events

Using Rental Power for Special Events

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Generators aren’t just for standby power in emergency situations at your home or business. Portable rental power keeps all kinds of events, from parades to music festivals, running. These special events are built to be incredibly entertaining and draw millions of viewers both in person and at home. These spectacles require reliable power not only for the event but for necessary communication equipment as well.

Rental Power Applications

There are many entertainment industry applications for generator rentals. Other special events, including weekly, annual or one-time events can also take advantage of the benefits of portable generators, such as powering music equipment, food preparation or PA systems.

Some venues are prepared for all of an event’s power needs, while others, both permanent and temporary, require additional or backup power. These may be in a remote location or take place somewhere the power grid is already highly taxed.

  • Concerts
  • Farmers’ Markets
  • Ice Rinks
  • Movie and TV Sets
  • Music Festivals
  • Parades
  • Sporting Events
  • Street Food Vendors
  • Weddings

It is common for these events to use power-hungry sound and PA systems, heating and cooling, and lighting equipment. For events like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Olympics and Coachella, equipment to broadcast or stream is also necessary. All of these operations use computers, which require very clean and reliable power.

8 Things to Consider when Renting an Event Generator

Rental power has many of the same considerations as commercial or industrial standby power. There are some unique requirements as well, such as specific noise and space restrictions, that don’t affect stationary gensets.

Before renting a generator for an event, take into consideration:

  1. The aesthetic of the event, which is especially important for weddings and music-based events.
  2. How efficient the generator is. This relates to two other considerations: size and output.
  3. Many events operate with strict environmental regulations, whether self-imposed or required by the location. Exhaust and emissions are a concern for these events, as well as any event where attendees will be near generators.
  4. For intimate events or events where music is the main event, noise should be minified.
  5. Reliable power is a must, so generators should have the necessary output for both entertainment and supporting equipment (vendors, medical services, communications, etc.).
  6. In small footprints and pre-designed layouts, size is a consideration.
  7. For events in remote locations or urban centers, rental power should be easily transportable.
  8. Because temporary power needs to be transportable and small, weatherproof enclosures may be forgotten. Don’t neglect the protection of your investment in an event generator rental.
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