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Using an Emergency Generator During Hurricane Season – Tips by The Generator Doctor

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When hurricane season rolls around, having a reliable emergency generator can be a game-changer. But like any machinery, generators require proper care and attention to ensure they’re ready when needed. That’s where our resident Generator Doctor comes in with some valuable advice on generator safety during hurricane season. Let’s dive into the essential tips to keep your generator in shape for those stormy days.

Fill you Generator with Quality Fuel

One of the critical aspects of generator maintenance is fuel quality. Many emergency generators, especially diesel ones, can sit idle for extended periods. As the seasons change, temperature fluctuations can lead to moisture buildup in the fuel tanks, creating the perfect environment for algae growth. To combat this, consider using fuel treatments to help eliminate algae, saving you from the hassle of cleaning the tank. Remember, fuel doesn’t go bad; it just gets dirty.

Watch Out for Water in your Generator’s Fuel Tank

Water in your generator’s fuel tank is a no-go. Ensure there are no leaks or other sources of water contamination. If you suspect water in the tank, it’s wise to call a fuel company to separate and clean the fuel, a process known as fuel polishing.

Regularly Starting your Emergency Generator is Key

Unlike your car, which you likely use regularly, generators often sit idle for months. Don’t assume that because it started fine last year, it’s still in top shape. Start your emergency generator at least once a month to ensure everything works smoothly, especially the battery. Testing the battery’s condition during maintenance is a smart move.

Change your Generator Filters Regularly

Generators operate on a schedule, and part of that schedule involves changing filters regularly. Fuel and oil filters degrade over time, typically within a year. Regular service and filter changes are essential to maintain peak performance.

Regularly Load Test the Generator

Starting your generator is one thing, but knowing how it performs under a load is another. Regularly transfer the building’s load onto the generator to ensure it can handle the job when needed. It’s the only way to know that your unit is operational and ready for action.

Coordinate a Steady Emergency Generator Fuel Supply

During a prolonged power outage, access to fuel can be a challenge. Remember Hurricane Wilma? Most fuel stations were closed for days. To avoid running out of fuel, plan ahead. Have at least a week’s worth of fuel and size your tanks accordingly. Establish an account with a local fuel company for easy refills when needed.

Ensure Proper Installation and Commissioning of Emergency Generators

When it comes to installation and commissioning, don’t cut any corners. Ensure that your generator is set up correctly by a knowledgeable professional. Americas Generators offers start-up services, and it’s a wise investment to ensure your generator is ready to go when the storm hits. Proper commissioning is just as important as installation.

Your emergency generator is your lifeline during hurricane season. By following these tips from the Generator Doctor, you can ensure that your generator is in peak condition when you need it most. From fuel quality to regular maintenance and proper installation, these steps will help keep your generator ready to weather any storm. Stay safe, stay prepared, and stay powered up.


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