Top Reasons to Switch to Diesel Generators

Top Reasons to Switch to Diesel Generators

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Your business relies on production to continue to grow and profit. Your end product may vary from tangible to intangible, but one thing is certain, all businesses rely on power to keep going. Unfortunately, the supply of electricity is becoming more and more problematic, and so are unexpected disasters.

It is difficult to predict when there a power interruption will strike. Unfortunately, a business cannot wait for power to come back. There’s product to be made and deals to be brokered. That is why the need for a reliable generator is greater now than ever before. Diesel-powered generators offer the following advantages:

  • Efficiency – Diesel generators use less quantities of fuel compared to those that run on gas. In fact, there are diesel generators that only use about half of the consumption of gas-powered engines. While diesel generators use less fuel they are still functioning at the same or higher level as gas powered generators.
  • Long Lasting and Cost Effective – Given proper maintenance and correct use, diesel generators tend to last much longer than alternative generators. In addition to saving money on the quantity of fuel when using a diesel generator versus a gas generator, more savings can be derived because diesel-powered generators require less maintenance due to less parts.

Perkins, among other brands, are some of the best-selling EPA-certified diesel-powered generators.

15 kW Perkins Diesel Generator

This generator hails from the Perkins 400 Series engine family. This engine series aims to set the bar in the compact engine market. This generator assures fast-starting capability and impeccable performance sans the high cost of operations.

20 kW Perkins Diesel Generator

Same as the 15kW Perkins diesel generator, this 20kW diesel generator comes from the Perkins 400 Series. It is made from high-quality steel that gives it a high level of durability. Furthermore, it has a paint finish that protects the generator from erosion, corrosion and scratching.

28 kW Perkins Diesel Generator

This diesel generator is part of the Perkins 400series engine family which is a trailblazer when it comes to setting standards in the market where compact engines are available. This diesel-powered generator is compact and fast-starting. It is known for impeccable performance and low operating costs. This generator has a motor that complies with UL2200, EU and EPA emissions regulations.

30 kW Perkins Diesel Generator

This generator stems from the Perkins 1100 Series engine family. Since inception, it has gained a reputation for satisfying the reliability and cost-effectiveness requirements of clients. This generator is compact and has low mechanical noise. Moreover, it is known for its durability and to meet even the toughest power requirement demands.

The diesel-powered generators cited above are just some of the many diesel generators that can help homes and businesses to maintain continuous power. These kinds of diesel generators will ensure that production and operations will not cease even after major power interruptions. For more diesel-powered generators options, check out our diesel generators store for more brands like John Deere, Mitsubishi, Yanmar, and Volvo.

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