Tips for Choosing and Installing Your Mobile Catering Generator

Tips for Choosing and Installing Your Mobile Catering Generator

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Food trucks and mobile catering services have become a popular food industry trend in recent years. People are quick to flock when they see a mobile food service at an event, the street corner or even outside their workplace. The last thing you need for your mobile food service is a power failure to disrupt your cooking operation and disappoint your hungry customers. This is where a mobile catering generator comes into play.

A mobile generator will give you the power your mobile catering business requires. With the right food truck generator, you’ll have enough power supply to run your refrigerator, freezer, exhaust system, drink fountain, lighting and oven. Choosing the right generator for your mobile catering unit can be tricky, but the most important part is that it is safe and reliable.

Here are some tips for choosing and installing your mobile catering generator:

  1. Determine how many watts your food truck will require, and size your generator accordingly. A small portable generator isn’t going to cut it if you’re expecting to run a refrigerator, freezer, oven, fryer, lights and exhaust system all at once. You will also want to make sure the generator you choose fits properly in your trailer or truck.
  2. To avoid fines, your catering generator should meet your area’s emission standards of noise level and environmentally-friendly airflow. Additionally, if you’re installing a generator with its own fuel tank, rather than pulling fuel from the on-board tank, you must install an EVAP generator.
  3. Choose an inverter generator over a conventional generator for smoother energy output, portability, fuel efficiency and quieter operation.
  4. Make sure your generator receives enough airflow through its vents to keep it cool and avoid carbon monoxide poisoning or harmful exhaust near your food.
  5. We recommend having your catering generator installed by a professional to ensure that the mobile generator is set up correctly and in a ventilated space that is non-flammable and heat resistant.
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