Theme Park Generators

Theme Park Generators

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Operating a theme park requires a steady supply of electricity for success—whether you’re referring to a major commercial park, a small weekend community carnival, or rides for neighborhood parties. In all cases, power is imperative and usually comes from the power grid. The grid could go down at any time, however, disrupting rides and entertainment much to the dismay of park-goers and other guests. Even worse, power could cut out when people are on rides, causing potentially unsafe conditions that incite fear and panic and lead to injuries.

Theme park operators could avoid problems arising out of power outages by having backup generators that could assume the load when the power grid cuts out. Generators can power up at a moment’s notice to allow operations to continue seamlessly.

Before buying generators for a theme park or carnival, a manager must determine the amount of power needed to keep the rides and other entertainment running. The output of the generator must be able to supply the appropriate electrical demands.

The following are some quality generators that could provide backup power for theme parks:

  • 30 kW John Deere Diesel Generator Set – EPA – Flex – This John Deere diesel generator has a highly reliable diesel engine. It has a brushless compact design that features automatic output voltage regulation. It will compensate for any variation in load or temperature. It has a 60 Hz power rating, with a standby power rating of 38 kVA /30kW and a prime power rating of 34 kVA /27 kW. This diesel generator can keep power running to fuel theme park rides.
  • Iveco Generator Engine Model # NEF45 TM2X – This generator is powered by the Iveco 4.5 liter turbo-charged 4 cylinder engine. The diesel unit ensures a clean, rapid start in various conditions, delivering impressive performance at low operating costs. The diesel motor complies with EPA emissions regulations. It is economical with durable operations and can handle prime or standby duties at a theme park.
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