The Perks of Natural Gas Generators

The Perks of Natural Gas Generators

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When people think of backup generators, they usually think of those that run on either gasoline or diesel. In the event of a power outage—usually due to a big storm—homeowners can pull out their emergency generator from their garage or storage shed. In a matter of minutes, power will be restored to the home. While the power supplied by the backup generator may not be enough to power all electrical appliances and devices in the house, it should at least be enough to power the most critical appliances and devices to mitigate the inconveniences of the power outage.

The backup solution may not last long, however. If the power outage was caused by a storm, you can expect that gas stations will be affected, too. Since gas pumps are powered by electricity, homeowners may not be able to maintain a consistent supply of fuel for their emergency generator.

To sidestep gas and diesel shortages, many people are looking to natural gas generators. Natural gas is supplied by underground pipes and powers things like home stoves and ovens. It can be stored in tanks and used for barbecue grills. Natural gas, either propane or methane, can fuel electric generators.

Internal combustion engines are powered by gas-fueled generators. A mixture of fuel and air is injected into the combustion chamber, with a piston compressing the mixture. A spark plug causes the mixture to ignite, resulting in the piston being driven down, which will turn a crankshaft. The crankshaft spins the rotor of the generator in an electromagnetic field, resulting in an electric current. The electric current powers appliances, devices, and tools and can recharge batteries.

A natural gas generator burns gaseous fuel, instead of liquid fuel. A carburetor creates the proper mix of air and gaseous fuel and injects the mixture into the cylinders that were specifically designed to manage pressurized gas.

You don’t have to buy natural gas generators if you already have a gasoline-fueled generator. There are conversion kits available that will allow you to convert a gas or diesel generator into a natural gas generator.

Natural gas generators are becoming popular as backup generators during calamities because natural gas is easier to purchase compared to gas or diesel.

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