The Importance of Maintaining a Generator

The Importance of Maintaining a Generator

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The chances of extreme weather conditions are high during the summer months. Elevated temperatures could result in higher power consumption, which could trip the power grid and cause outages. Even a short power outage in the midst of a heat wave could wreak havoc on people’s comfort and health and lead to food spoilage. 

Many homes and businesses today have backup power generators as precautions against unexpected outages. Families and individuals could keep a low-power backup generator to provide emergency electricity for operating basic appliances and devices as needed. But businesses and other facilities need hefty commercial-powered generators for backup because of their high levels of electrical consumption.

Generators need to be maintained to ensure that they will be able to function when needed. A generator is no good if it will not operate during a power outage. Routine maintenance of your backup generator must be performed periodically. You should tune up your generator just as you would your car. Without proper maintenance, your backup generator could suddenly fail when you need it the most.

Generator maintenance must include proper fuel storage. If your generator runs on diesel, the fuel must be changed once every year to ensure that it will not cause damage to the generator unit when you switch it on.

Proper generator maintenance also prevents accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. A generator that is not functioning properly could release an excessive amount of carbon monoxide into the air, endangering the health and life of the home dwellers. Generators should not be used indoors. If the backup generator is located in your garage, make sure that your carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly. 

Part of the generator maintenance is the periodic inspection of the components of the generator unit, such as automatic transfer switches, control panels, trailers, and other accessories. If parts need replacement, contact Americas Generators for help.

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