Thanks for Another Great Year

Thanks for Another Great Year

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The year is winding down. It has been a year filled with many wonderful achievements but also a series of significant natural disasters.

Strong Hurricanes

The year 2017 brought several devastating hurricanes. Hurricane Harvey was an extremely destructive Atlantic hurricane.  It was the first major hurricane to make landfall on American soil since Hurricane Wilma hit the country in 2005. Harvey dumped more than 40 inches of rain in four days, resulting in catastrophic flooding. Floodwaters inundated hundreds of homes in Houston, Texas. More than 17,000 individuals needed to be rescued from the rising waters. Harvey left about 100 fatalities and more than $70 billion in damages.

Hurricane Irma was a powerful Cape Verde-type hurricane. Irma was the most intense hurricane to strike the U.S. mainland since Katrina in 2005.  It caused catastrophic damages in the northeastern Caribbean and the Florida Keys, resulting in 134 fatalities and more than $62 billion worth of destruction. 

Hurricane Maria was the worst natural disaster to hit Dominica and resulted in a major humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. It is the second Category 5 hurricane, after Irma, to affect American territories this year. It left 93 fatalities and a total loss of between $16 and $95 billion, mostly in Puerto Rico.


The year 2017 saw several massive wildfires that devastated different areas of the country, particularly in the West. This year’s wildfire season is one of the worst in history, resulting in the burning of over 2 million acres. Wildfires struck Montana, Oregon, Washington State and California.

Americas Generators

In times of disaster brought on by hurricanes, floods and wildfires, people should evacuate for their safety. Often, evacuation centers are set up, allowing people to meet their basic needs.  Many emergency evacuation centers have no link to the regular power grid, with diesel power generators as the only source of electricity to keep lights, refrigerators and medical equipment functioning. 

At Americas Generators, we take pride in the opportunity to provide the necessary service to every American who needs electric power in times of emergency. We carry the best electric generators to serve as a lifeline in dire situations. We appreciate your business and are looking forward to continuing to serve your needs in the coming year.

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