Starter – Perkins Engine Model 1004,1006, 1103, 1104,1106

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The T400268 starter replaces old part numbers 2873K621, 2873A030, 2873B071, 2873K404, 2873K632, and T410874. It can be used on Perkins engines with the following build lists: 1004: AA, AB, AD, AG, AH, AK, AL, AM, AR, AS/ 1006: YA, YB, YD, YG, YH, YK / 1103A: DJ, DK / 1103C: DC, DD / 1103D: XK / 1104A: RR, RS, RT / 1104C: RE, RF, RG, RH, RJ, RK / 1104D: NH, NJ, NK, NL, NM.


Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 10 in

Engine Model

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Type of Part (Engine Parts)


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