Surviving a Smart Home Power Outage

Short Power Outages Just As Dangerous As Long Ones

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When Hurricane Katrina rolled through New Orleans, lives were lost and power was out for more than a month. When a massive snowstorm hit the Northeast earlier this year, some customers were without power for weeks. These are two of the more drastic cases of power loss in recent memory. But make no mistake, even a loss of power for just an hour or two can do just as much damage today to any business.

Businesses in every industry are run by complex computer, data and security systems. A breach of power, even for a few minutes, gives intruders and hackers the ability to harm a business infrastructure severely. No doubt about it, being closed down for a few weeks is bad for business. But having your security compromised and data vulnerable because of loss of power for a few minutes can be damaging as well.

“Dependable energy and power is arguably as critical to a businesses operation as any other component,” said Eric Johnston, CEO of Triton Power. “The only true way to protect your business from power loss is to have a reliable backup power generator.”

And it doesn’t matter whether your business is considered B2B or B2C. Damage can be done to every business if the power is down and the lights are out for just a few minutes or hours.

Backup power generators are extremely effective because they are an immediate power source that can last for days and even weeks, during and after a power outage caused by accident, terrorist activity or natural disaster. With automatic transfer switches, the power source is immediately transferred over to the backup power generator, and your business never notices a difference. Data systems continue to run. Security systems stay intact. And, of course, e-commerce platforms remain operational, which is critical in today’s landscape when so many businesses are run from a website.

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