What Is the Best Diesel Generator For Your Home or Business?

Save Power With The Right Power Diesel Generator

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While owning a diesel generator for peace of mind is important, making the right purchase to meet your power demand needs is equally important. That is why a power calculator is a useful tool for you. Check out Americas Generators’ Power Calculator app, available for iOS device users. Requiring iOS 6.0 or later, this app is compatible and especially designed for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It only requires iOS 6.0. Determine your overall electrical consumption so you can accurately decide which diesel generator is right for you.

Having a backup power provides safety to you and your family or reassurance for your businessEach home or business has varying electrical demands. In looking for the right diesel generator, you have to know the various electrical power requirements for your unique situation. By following the practical tips mentioned below, you can appropriately and precisely come up with an informed buying decision as to which residential or commercial generator is ideal for you and your needs.

  1. Determine which appliances that you would be running on a generator.
  2. Tally the total power needed to run all appliances combined.
  3. Use our power calculator app to estimate your power consumption.
  4. Decide which diesel generator meets your power needs.

Don’t forget to take into consideration any additional power consumption during startup of some appliances. Many appliances have their power peak at 2-3 times greater during startup than during on-going use. You’ll need a generator that will accommodate that peak energy spike. Make it a point to look into your appliance data plates or stickers to know more about their electrical requirements. Once you have a good total of kW output required to run your appliances you can easily narrow down your search of diesel generators based on their power generation capacities.

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