Protect Your Investment with a Generator Enclosure

Protect Your Investment with a Generator Enclosure

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Generator covers protect your building’s backup power supply during snow, ice, wind, rain and other damaging forces. A generator enclosure should both keep your generator safe from vandalism and allow easy access for necessary maintenance. Many factors determine what type of cover will best protect the diesel generator your business relies on.


Some climates experience damage from wind and rain, while others are affected by snow and ice. Dust storms could also be a threat to your generator. Opting for a generator enclosure that will protect against the elements your region experiences is essential, especially in hurricane-prone states like Florida, where wind, rain, hail and flooding are possibilities. In coastal communities, saltwater flooding and high humidity make aluminum a better choice than steel for sheltering a generator.


Businesses with little space outside their building for a generator will need to invest in an enclosure that protects their generator without taking up too much space. If availability of real estate for your generator is not a problem, consider building a generator shed. Not only will a shed enclose the backup power supply, but accessories like fuel tanks and automatic transfer switch.


Your location will also determine the level of security your diesel generator’s enclosure should provide. State-, county- or city-specific legislation may determine what safety measures you need to implement, including the placement of an accessible emergency stop button. The amount of crime your business’ locale experiences could also motivate your choice of generator cover.


Depending on your location’s space, local regulations and generator model, you may need your generator shelter to double as sound attenuation. Many available kinds of covers can be soundproofed to protect workers and the environment.


Regular maintenance is essential for your backup generator. You need a generator shelter that not only protects your secondary power source but also allows mechanics, engineers and inspectors to easily access the engine and other parts. A generator shed is often the easiest way to provide access, but other types of enclosures include walk-in doors that allow access to both sides of the generator as well.

The height of your cover’s entrance determines whether you’ll need stairs. This could affect the ease of maintenance. An enclosure with lifting brackets makes moving the shelter to your business (and back out, if necessary) easier.

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