Product Feature: Yanmar Diesel Generator

Product Feature: Yanmar Diesel Generator

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Emergency generators provide electric supply to any part of the grid that suffers a temporary outage. Without emergency generators, the services of airports, healthcare facilities, schools, manufacturing plants, and other entities would come to a standstill every time the power goes down.

In many types of business, even a minute without electric power could translate to thousands of dollars in losses. Take the case of the manufacturing sector that relies on different machinery to produce goods. Whenever there is a power outage, the machines need to be started up again when power resumes, but there’s a lot more to it than just flipping a switch. Some machines need to be recalibrated every time they stop. A lot of revenue will be lost in the time it takes to recalibrate machines.

Americas Generators is a leading supplier of commercial and industrial generators in North America. The company carries a wide range of generator products that are built with the highest quality components.

One of Americas Generators’ top products is the Yanmar diesel generator set with engine model # 3TNV76-GGEH.  This system operates with a highly reliable Yanmar diesel engine that drives a synchronous electrical generator. This generator has a compact brushless design.  It features automatic output voltage regulation that can compensate for load and temperature variations.

It is equipped with a Stamford alternator that has a 60 Hz power rating as follows:

  • For the single phase – It has a standby power rating of 8.2 kVA or 8.2 kW and prime power rating of 7.5 kVA or 7.5 W.
  • For the three phase – It has a standby power rating of 10.7 kVA or 8.6 kW and prime power rating of 8.6 kVA or 7.9 kW.

The electric generator comes with a CEM7 control unit, which serves as the generator’s power supervision and control device.  The control unit has two modules:

  • Display – This module is responsible for carrying out tasks relating to the status of the device. It allows actions to be performed by the generator’s user. The user can control the unit and its program configuration and functions through the display module.
  • Measurements – This module is responsible for the tasks of monitoring the control unit. Located in the rear panel, it reduces wiring needs and increases the immunity of the control unit against electromagnetic noise. The signals, actuators, and sensors are all connected to the measurement module.

This generator set is provided with an acoustic cabin. The canopies are coated with polyester powder. They use high-quality, sound-absorbing, fire-retardant, polyurethane foam. The generator effectively manages cool air and uses a high-performance silencer to minimize the noise of the exhaust.

This generator set is provided with automatic control module that monitors current and temperature errors. It wiring and insulation meet UL standards. It is equipped with an emergency stop found on the exterior of the enclosure.

The Yanmar diesel generator is one of the best generators you will find on the market today.

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