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Product Feature: Used Diesel Generators

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Americas Generators has consistently offered a collection of used diesel generators since opening its doors three decades ago. In fact, buying and selling used generators is how the company began in 1989. Over time, used generators have proven to be a solution for cost-conscious customers interested in high-quality backup power supply.

Perhaps the largest downside of purchasing a used generator is the lack of a warranty and potentially costly maintenance necessary in upcoming years. The reconditioned used generators available at America Generators were produced by heavy equipment manufacturers with years of excellent reputations. Caterpillar, Cummins and Detroit Diesel are often available used, giving second owners years of continued backup power.

Not every used generator for sale will include original manuals or maintenance guides. These documents are now easy to find on manufacturers’ websites so you can continue to provide life-extending maintenance to your diesel generator.

How to Test a Used Generator

A load test will give you an idea of the generator’s performance ability and alert you to many potential problems. Load tests indicate important performance metrics, including kW load, voltage, oil pressure, amperage rating, and mechanical and electrical operations in a generator of any age.

Before purchasing a used diesel generator, learn as much as you can about the history of the machine you’re interested in. Generators used sparingly as backup or emergency power with just a few hundred hours of use are a good investment for businesses of all sizes. A generator previously used as a primary power supply can still be a good purchase if well maintained.

If possible, complete a physical inspection of the inside and outside of the generator. This will help you estimate how regularly manufacturer-suggested maintenance was conducted.

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