Product Feature: Perkins Engine Model 400 Series

Product Feature: Perkins Engine Model 400 Series

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Diesel-powered generators are more popular than their gas-powered counterparts because of their power and economy. Diesel-powered generators are commonly used in industrial settings because they are capable of providing more electricity for a sustained period of time.

A diesel-powered generator combines a diesel engine and an electric generator to create electricity as either a backup or primary source of power. As a backup source, the diesel-powered generator will stay on standby while a facility sources its electricity from a standard supplier, such as a utility company.  It will kick on the moment there is an interruption in the regular power supply. Generators can also be used as a main source of electricity in locations that are far from the regular power grid, such as at construction sites, campsites, or areas where concerts or other recreational events are being held.

There are many brands of diesel-powered generators on the market. For example, you can find Perkins generators for sale as one of the most popular options.  Here’s a look at a top-selling Perkins model. 

Perkins Engine Model 400 Series

All Perkins engines were manufactured in compliance with the highest industry standards, combining reliability, versatility, and high performance. The model 400 series engine continues setting new standards in the compact engine market. The Perkins engine model 400 series is a 2.2 liter naturally aspirated 4-cylinder vertical in-line engine that offers efficiency and power in a compact unit. The diesel engines from Perkins ensure a clean and rapid start in all conditions.  They are reasonably priced but offer impressive performance of prime and standby duties as required by the power generation industry.

The Perkins Engine Model 400 Series has a standby power rating of 26 kVA /20 kW and prime power rating of 24 kVA /19 kW. The Perkins Engine Model 400 series comes in two varieties: the non-EPA Perkins Engine Model #404D-22G and the EPA-certified Perkins Engine Model #404D-22G.  The non-EPA model comes with a Leroy Somer Alternator while the EPA-certified model comes with a Stamford Newage Model #P1144D for an additional $1,200.

The Perkins Engine can be purchased with a sound-attenuated canopy for an additional $1,900. The canopy is made of high-quality, powder-coated steel and comes with a 5-year warranty.

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