AG Product Feature- Perkins Engine Model # 2506C-E15TAG4

Product Feature: Perkins Engine Model # 2506C-E15TAG4

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Generators are the go-to solutions in times of power outages. When the electric grid suffers a disruption of service, homes will be left without power to run electrical appliances. Public service facilities, such as hospitals and airports, will stand still until the power supply is restored. Food stored in refrigerators and freezers could spoil.  For many types of businesses, a few minutes of power outage could mean thousands of dollars in losses.

Having a standby generator that will automatically kick in to supply emergency power could save lives and property. Americas Generators carry a wide array of generators, including both commercial and industrial varieties.

Among the high-quality generators our company offers is the Perkins Engine Model # 2506C-E15TAG4. This generator belongs to the Perkins 2500 Series that is respected for its exceptional power-to-weight ratio in a compact package. It has a 15.2-liter vertical in-line 6 cylinder engine.  It is turbocharged and air-to-air charge-cooled.  It offers the most up-to-date mechanically-controlled diesel fuel system. The 2500 units were manufactured in compliance with EPA emissions regulations. The diesel motor is economical, durable, and complies with the standby requirements of the power generation industry.

This generator is equipped with a Stamford Newage Alternator, Model#HCI544D with a 60 Hz power rating. It has a standby power rating of 687 kVA/550 kW. It comes with canopies that are made of high quality, powder-coated steel. The enclosures are provided with a 5-year warranty.

The generator’s control panel, service doors, and canopy board carry a waterproof design that effectively stops rain and dust intrusion. The anti-vibration mountings between the engines, alternators, and the base significantly reduce vibrations to ensure stable generator operation.

The generator is equipped with a monitoring system that tracks the machine’s operation in real time. A DSE-7420 control module is provided.

The noise level of the generator can be reduced by 15-35 dB(A) with the help of multiple noise control devices to enable quiet operations. This feature makes the generator ideal for night use in noise-sensitive areas. 

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