Product Feature: MTU Diesel Generator Engine 12V1600 G20S

Product Feature: MTU Diesel Generator Engine 12V1600 G20S

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Americas Generators’ line of Triton Power generators featuring MTU diesel-powered engines offers performance ranging from 270 kW to 3,100 kW.

MTU engine model #12V1600 G20S provides three-phase power at 1,800 rpm and 668 kWm (or 896 HP). The engine is radiator cooled with turbocharged and aftercooled aspiration. There are 12 cylinders within MTU model #12V1600 G20S.

Engine manufacturer MTU Onsite Energy is part of the Rolls-Royce Power Systems family of brands. They create efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly power generation systems. Their diesel and gas generator engines are used in applications ranging from farms to healthcare facilities. They also design and build marine and vehicle engines powered by diesel. MTU Onsite Energy offers its customers 24/7 customer service.

This specific MTU engine is UL2200 listed and EPA certified under Tier 2. The engine’s fuel injectors are controlled electronically, which leads to excellent combustion and low fuel consumption. These features lead to compliance with emission regulations. The engine uses approximately 37 gallons (140 liters) of fuel per hour when operating at full load.

Triton Power generators include a 1-year or 1,000-hour limited warranty. The MTU model #12V1600 G20S has a 2-year standard warranty. This engine is a reliable, effective workhorse with a verified design and performance. MTU prototype and factory tests this model as well.

Depending on your power generation needs, you can add the MTU model #12V1600 G20S to a stationary or mobile Genset. The engine is complemented by a Stamford alternator and a Deep Sea control panel with user-friendly control and safety features.

To protect both your genset and the surrounding environment, a sound attenuated enclosure is available. These acoustic cabins are made of high quality, powder-coated steel and wind load certified up to 180 mph.

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