Product Feature: John Deere Generator Engine Model # 4024TF281

Product Feature: John Deere Generator Engine Model # 4024TF281

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A diesel generator is a diesel engine combined with an electric generator (usually an alternator) to generate electricity. A diesel compression-ignition engine is typically designed to run on fuel oil, but it may also be adapted to run on other liquid fuels or even natural gas. Diesel generators are used in areas with no power grid connection or as an emergency power back-up in the event of a grid failure.

Diesel generators are more popular than gas-powered generators because they are more powerful and economical. There are several popular brands of diesel generators on the market. John Deere, a brand known to most Americans, carries several kinds of diesel generators.

John Deere Generator Engine

Model # 4024TF281

All John Deere engines are built to comply with the highest industry standards, expertly combining high performance, reliability, and versatility. The model #4024TF281 lives up to the John Deere legacy of quality and innovation. This generator set has been designed to function dependably in many kinds of applications.

This 4-cylinder, 2.4L generator engine is compact, light, and quiet, making it a perfect choice for any low horsepower applications. It is equipped with a Stamford alternator with a 1 phase, 60 Hz power rating, standby power rating of 30kVA/30kW, and prime power rating of 27 kVA/27kW; 3 phase, 60 Hz power rating, standby power rating of 37 kVA/30kWl, and prime power rating of 34 kVA/27kW.

This John Deere generator engine comes with a ComApControl panel with IntelliLiteNT MRS19 controller, which is an integrated controller for generator sets operating in either manual or remote start mode. This new controller complies with all requirements for MRS application, including remote control, capability for user configuration, and complete monitoring and protection. There is a graphic display that provides user-friendly information in an easy format.

The generator engine is equipped with a monitoring system that allows for real-time monitoring of its operation. Operational safety measures are provided as follows:

  • High-voltage parts and radiator are guarded against contact accidents.
  • Anti-vibration rubber mounts on the two sides of the doors safeguard the machines against damage when doors are opened.
  • Maintenance alarm with a reset button ensures continuous power generation.

This John Deere generator engine can be fitted with a custom-designed trailer specific to its weight and size.

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