Product Feature: John Deere Engine Model 4045 HF285

Product Feature: John Deere Engine Model 4045 HF285

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John Deere is known for reliability, performance and versatility, making their engines an excellent choice for a backup generator. The John Deere engine model 4045 HF285 is a 4.5L diesel generator drive engine. As a PowerTech E, this engine model is part of the PowerTech family of industrial engines from John Deere.

This 4-cylinder engine provides 147 kW (197 HP) @ 1800 rpm (60 Hz) of standby power and 134 kW (180 HP) @ 1800 rpm (60 Hz) of prime power. As part of a generator set, John Deere calculates 78 to 129 kWe of standby power and 71-117 kWe of prime power.

Model 4045 HF285 is manufactured to meet the EPA’s Tier 3 emission standards and operates at 88 to 92% efficiency.

There are a plethora of features included in this engine model, despite its compact size. John Deere engine model 4045 HF285 features air-to-air aftercooled technology for efficient cooling and reduced emissions, and either-side service for simple maintenance and troubleshooting.

Electronic engine controls are included to offer automatic monitoring of engine functions, so any issues are quickly realized and addressed. This lowers cost by eliminating add-on equipment needs and reducing damage due to suboptimal performance.

John Deere’s 4045 HF285 is built with a high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) and engine control unit (ECU) for multiple fuel injections, a lower combustion temperature, reduced particulates and less noise. The HPCR does this by providing higher injection pressures and controlling fuel injection timing.

One benefit of choosing a John Deere engine is the wide variety of available engine accessories. Cooling, exhaust and air systems, as well as other parts, designed for John Deere’s engines and paired with John Deere’s warranty, can be used within a genset.

Americas Generators uses the highest quality engines when building gensets for our customers, including the John Deere 4045 HF285. Currently, this engine model is included in the 100 kW Broadcrown Diesel Generator Set and can be built into any custom diesel generator.

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