Product Feature- Hotstart Small Tank Heater TPS151GT8-000

Product Feature: Hotstart Small Tank Heater TPS151GT8-000

Posted in: Diesel Generators Performance

For facilities relying on generators for backup emergency power in all types of weather, an engine pre-heater is a necessary accessory. Hotstart’s TPS small tank style heater model TPS151GT8-000 is a compact, durable option for both gas and diesel generators.

Hotstart offers over 75 years of engine heating system design and manufacturing. Their engine heaters are used in marine, locomotive, heavy equipment, generator, truck and clean energy applications. The high-quality products Hotstart produces are designed to exceed quality standards worldwide. Vibration and shock testing are included in product development and manufacturing. The company also offers in-house validation testing and in-person training sessions.

The TPS151GT8-000 is a coolant heater, which circulates coolant heated between 80 and 100 °F around the engine block. The unit turns on at 80° and turns off at 100°. There is a built-in thermometer to ensure temperature is correct. Hotstart’s products, including this one, are designed for both diesel and gas generators, as well as other applications. Model TPS151GT8-000 will heat engines up to 12L.

This small tank heater is manufactured from high-impact polyphenylene sulfide plastic for great tensile strength and the ability to resist corrosion. The material is compatible with many chemical-based coolants.

The compact design and included aluminum mounting brackets and bolts are great for genset installations with mounting space limitations. The unit’s design makes it easy to connect a standard heater hose. Once mounted, the heater can be serviced with field-replaceable parts. These features make the TPS151GT8-000 a practical accessory for many brands of generator.

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