Product Feature: 80 Amp GE Transfer Switch ATS Model – ZTX

Product Feature: GE ZTG Automatic Transfer Switch

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A transfer switch connects your backup generator to the circuits in your business that you need powered by the generator when you lose commercially-sourced electricity. The generator transfer switch could also send power from the generator to the building as a whole, depending on the output of the generator. The switch is added to your existing electrical infrastructure. Adding a transfer switch is convenient, as well as an important safety measure. The switch separates your business from the electricity grid as a whole, making generator usage safer for you, your electronics and machinery, and utility workers.

What is an automatic transfer switch?

When you lose power from your utility provider, an automatic transfer switch detects that you no long have power coming into your business. The switch lets your generator know that it needs to produce electricity and then flips your building’s power source to the generator. When power comes back, your business is switched back to utility-provided electricity.

GE ZTG Automatic Transfer Switch

The GE Zenith Controls ZTG Series of automatic transfer switches is a general purpose collection that offers ratings from 40 to 3,000 amps and 120 to 600 volts for 2, 3 or 4 pole applications. They are designed for emergency and standby use with standard and time delay options. These rugged GE transfer switches are designed for large commercial and industrial usage. The ZTG Automatic Transfer Switch models range from 24x18x11 inches to 90×35.5×48 inches, depending on ampere rating. The series uses GE Zenith’s MX150 microprocessor control system. This high-end system is both effective and easy to use. An LCD display includes an intuitive interface with built-in diagnostics and historical data that let you troubleshoot. There is also a test switch to simulate a failure of your normal electricity source, excellent for verifying setup and routine maintenance.

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