Product Feature: Deep Sea Auto Start Control Panel DSE4310/20

Product Feature: Deep Sea Auto Start Control Panel DSE4310/20

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Americas Generators builds gensets with the user-friendly, informative Deep Sea Auto Start Control Panel DSE4310/20. This model is designed for single phase generator sensing. There are four variations available: auto start (model 4310-01), auto start with current measurement (4310-02), auto mains failure (model 4320-01), and auto mains failure with current measurement (model 4320-02).

Deep Sea Electronics is known for over 40 years of electronics innovation, including their generator controllers, as well as auto transfer switch and vehicle controllers. Deep Sea’s control panels are made in the UK with advanced technology. They are extensively tested for resistance to vibration, temperature, electrical safety, shock and humidity, as well as their electromagnetic compatibility.

The DSE4310/20 control panel model is compact, at 5.5” x 4.4” x 1.7” with an impressive 4.6” x 3.6” panel cutout. The controller can be operated at temperatures ranging from -22 to 158°F. The panel’s power-saving mode offers excellent efficiency. When the included sealing gasket is used, your controller is water resistant with an IP65 rating. This is a testament to Deep Sea Electronics’ origins as a manufacturer of deep-sea diving equipment.

This advanced controller monitors engine speed, oil pressure, coolant temperature, frequency, voltage, current, power and fuel level. The monitoring capabilities and hours counter within the Deep Sea DSE4310/20 help facilities perform preventative maintenance at appropriate intervals. The controller can also automatically shut down your generator if a fault is detected.

The large, backlit display helps technicians view diagnostics and perform maintenance. It is also helpful during initial configuration, which can be done via the panel or the complementary PC DSE Configuration Suite Software. To use a PC in conjunction with the panel, a USB connection is required. Deep Sea Electronics offers global technical support for its customers.

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