Product Feature: Cummins Diesel Generators Model #4B3.9-G1

Product Feature: Cummins Diesel Generators Model #4B3.9-G1

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A generator provides insurance against disruptions in operations caused by power outages, especially in facilities that are highly dependent on electric supply. Facilities such as hospitals, airports, and emergency dispatch centers depend on electricity, and an interruption could prove damaging at many levels. Lives could be lost when medical equipment in hospitals stops functioning. Planes would not be able to take off and land safely without instructions from the control tower and guiding lights on the runway. Emergencies could not be attended to if dispatch centers could not field calls.

A back-up generator that automatically kicks in once the regular power supply is interrupted can ensure that the show will go on in critical institutions.  There are many generators on the market that can help ensure smooth operations, even when the power is down, including the well-respected Cummins brand. 

Cummins Diesel Generators Model #4B3.9-G1

Diesel generators are the primary choice for standby and emergency power systems. This type of generator can start providing electrical load in less than 10 seconds of a power interruption.

Cummins diesel generator sets have rugged dependability.They are ideal for utility peaking plants, distributed generation facilities, peak lopping, and power management of commercial and industrial sites.

Consider these benefits of Cummins generators:

  • Products are always available
  • Reliable and economical life-cycle cost
  • Operational flexibility and high efficiency
  • Excellent electrical performance
  • Well-organized service and fuel supply infrastructure
  • Integrated exhaust is environmentally friendly

Deep Sea Controller Model 7420

ThisDSE7420 is an Automatic Start Generator Controlleras well as a gas generating set with non-electronic engines. The modules allow for excellent monitoring of the engine and the accompanying protection features. They can detect under speed or over speed, failure to charge, low oil pressure, emergency stop, high engine temperature, under/over volt generation, under/over current generator frequency, and other critical readings. The fault conditions can be seen on the LCD display and through the front panel’s LED indicators.

The modules can communicate by being linked to a personal computer through RS232 or RS485 communication capabilities, through text messages, andthrough active interface with building management systems.

The diesel generators are also equipped with a Stamford Newage Generator End with a 60 Hz power rating, standby power rating of 32 kVA/25 kW, and prime power rating of 29 kVA/ 23 kW.The canopy of the Cummins diesel generators are fabricated from high quality steel that is completely powder-coated for protection against scratching, erosion, and corrosion.

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