2000 kW Broadcrown Diesel Generator Set

Product Feature: 80 kW Broadcrown Diesel Generator Set

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The Tier 3 80kW Broadcrown Diesel Generator Set is powered by a highly reliable John Deere diesel engine that drives a synchronous electrical generator. With a steel canopy and compact brushless design, this generator set is prepared to endure heavy loads and drastic temperature variations.

For a user-friendly operational experience, the 80kW Broadcrown Diesel Generator Set uses a Deep Sea Electronics control module with an integral stand and circuit breaker. The DSE7310 model is an Auto Mains Failure Control Module suitable for a wide variety of generator applications. From monitoring your utility supply to displaying warnings and engine status, the control panel will ensure you are taking the best possible care of your generator while staying safe.

The 80kW Broadcrown Diesel Generator Set is equipped for operational safety with an easily accessible emergency stop push button and guards on all rotating components and hot exhaust surfaces. Multiple lifting mechanisms allow for simple transportation of the generator. The genset also features custom double-walled fuel tanks, an outer filling fuel port and a drainage outlet.

Maintenance is critical for keeping your generator in good working condition. With doors on each side of the Broadcrown generator’s enclosure to facilitate engine access and an internal enclosure light, you’ll have easy access for maintenance.

Americas Generators is the exclusive distributor of England-based JCB Broadcrown Generators in the U.S. We also supply a large selection of Broadcrown parts and accessories to help you keep your Broadcrown unit in tip-top shape!

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