Product Feature: 80 Amp GE Transfer Switch ATS Model – ZTX

Product Feature: 80 Amp GE Transfer Switch ATS Model – ZTX

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Transfer switches detect fluctuations in a home or business’s commercial power supply and, when necessary, supplement or replace utility power with electricity from the standby generator or generators. Americas Generators pairs gensets with a variety of transfer switches, including the 80 Amp GE Transfer Switch, part of the ZTX Series. The small frame ZTX Series of GE transfer switches bring GE’s powerful critical power technology to residential and light commercial applications.

The 80 Amp model offers two pole, 120/240 Volt, single phase power support in a compact size. The transfer switch is 24″ x 18″ x 10″ and weighs 56 pounds. The manageable size, use of the MX60 control panel and ability to operate at temperatures ranging from -4 to 149°F are a testament to GE’s focus on building a dependable, easy to use automatic transfer switch for non-life safety use.

MX60 Control Panel

This powerful microprocessor control panel is an excellent mix of automatic and programmable. Users can manually test, start the engine, bypass the timer and cancel any operation. The control panel also allows for customization of the exercise timer. Choose from 7, 14, 21 or 28 day exercising, with or without a load transfer.

Transfer of Power

The GE Transfer Switch senses both commercial power undervoltage and the voltage and frequency of your generator. This allows the transfer switch to activate the generator during brownouts, when the utility is not supplying enough energy to successfully power everything in your home and/or neighborhood.

The ZTX Series offers efficient transfers from commercial to backup power and vice versa, without sacrificing safety.

  • 5-second time delay engine start, ensuring the generator doesn’t start during short power interruptions
  • 20-second time delay engine warmup and transfer to the generator so the engine is prepared for the full load
  • 5-minute time delay utility stabilization and retransfer to utility, allowing stable commercial power before transferring
  • 5-minute time delay engine cool down and automatic reset for the next time your home or business needs standby power

Flexible Setup

In addition to the 80 Amp GE Transfer Switch, the ZTX Series is available in other configurations. Setups include two, three and four pole, ranging from 40 to 400 amps. You can also add an integrated B9X battery charger, change timer settings and choose A3/A4 auxiliary contacts.

GE provides excellent support for transfer switch owners and operators. There are more than 100 service centers across the US and 24/7 toll-free customer service with remote monitoring and diagnostics.

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