Product Feature 60 kW Triton Diesel Generator

Product Feature: 60 kW Triton Diesel Generator Set – UL2200

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The 60 kW Triton Diesel Generator Set – UL2200 uses a turbocharged, after-cooled, 4-cylinder Iveco engine. The EU- and EPA-certified diesel generator ensures clean, rapid power in all types of conditions and circumstances. Iveco diesel motors are economical, with low operating costs and offer durable, high-performance operation during prime or standby situations.

The generator uses a Triton digital controller with both auto and manual start capability. The digital screen relays pertinent information, including the volts between phases, amps per phase, frequency, fuel reserve, oil pressure, coolant temperature, battery volts and charging alternator volts, engine speed and running hours. In addition, the digital module monitors the kW and kVA power and kW accumulation by day, month and year.

Built with safety in mind, the generator features insulation on wiring, locking door handles, an emergency stop located on the exterior of the enclosure, and guards on all rotating components. Additionally, the generator’s digital controller enables alarms for high coolant temperature, low coolant level, low fuel level, low oil pressure, emergency stop activation, battery charging failure, and over-speed, under-speed and low battery voltage.

The 60 kW Triton Diesel Generator Set – UL2200 offers accessible transportation options, with a lifting eye on the top of the generator enclosure for cranes and lifting slots located on the skid for easy movement. The genset also features custom double-walled fuel tanks with accessible fuel ports, an outer fuel port and drainage outlet for convenient refueling and draining. There are doors on each side of the enclosure to facilitate engine access and an internal enclosure light for easy maintenance.

Triton Generators is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of industrial diesel generators. Triton promises to deliver its superior generators in a timely manner. You can expect nothing less than a reliable, high-quality generator when you purchase the 60 kW Triton Diesel Generator Set – UL2200.

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