Product Feature: 40 kVA Yanmar Diesel Rental Grade Generator Set

Posted in: Diesel Generators Performance

The 40 kVA Yanmar Diesel Rental Grade Generator Set is an electrical generator that uses diesel to operate. The 60 Hz power rating generator encompasses several valuable features that allow for a long operating life, including a DSE 702 control unit, multi-position switches, a high-quality acoustic cabin and more.

The electrical generator presents a compact brushless design. The polyester powder-coated steel canopies on the acoustic cabin are fire retardant and sound-absorbing to minimize exhaust noise. The unit’s switches come with a lockable design that gives you the option to lock them in any position to prevent any possible damage that might occur.

The back-lit DSE 702 control unit has an LCD text display so you can monitor engine speed, frequency, voltage and engine run hours, as well as warnings and shutdown status. The easy-to-operate control panel includes manual, automatic and remote start, generator voltage and Hz display, battery voltage display, engine preheat and more. Additionally, the panel has multiple language options to choose from.

With features like an automatic control module to monitor over-current and over-temperature errors, insulated wiring, an emergency stop and locking door handles, the 40 kVA Yanmar Diesel Rental Grade Generator Set demonstrates the highest safety standards. To ensure personnel protection during use, the unit also exhibits operational safety with guards on all rotating components and hot exhaust surfaces.

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