29 kW Perkins Diesel Generator EPA Flex

Product Feature: 29 kW Perkins Diesel Generator EPA Flex

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The 29 kW Perkins Diesel Generator is built around the Perkins engine model 404D-22TG. This engine was created based on extensive customer research, making it an excellent choice for a wide variety of standby and prime situations. It delivers power, while also boasting low operating costs and fuel efficiency! The generator is available in single phase and three phase configurations.

Perkins engine model 404D-22TG is a 4-cylinder, 2.2-liter engine. It offers a mechanical output of 25-33 kWm and an electrical output of 20-36 kVA (22-29 kWe). The rated speed is 1,800 RPM.

The manufacturer’s focus on customer experience led to reliability, cold-start capability, low operating costs and excellent fuel economy, all within a compact design. The efficient fuel consumption is one of the genset’s strengths. At 1,500 RPM under a full load, the genset consumes 8.9 L/hr. At a 50% load, fuel consumption is 4.6 L/hr.

The engine is paired with a Deep Sea model 7420 controller, a brushless single bearing, revolving field Mecc Alte alternator and 8- to 10-hour base fuel tank. The 29 kW Perkins Diesel Generator EPA Flex is all assembled on a heavy-duty steel base frame and confined in a sound-attenuated enclosure. This Triton generator is delivered with a 1 year / 1,000-hour limited warranty.

Engine model 404D-22TG operates with reduced noise, vibration and harshness. This engine, together with the sound-attenuated enclosure with critical muffler (also available as an option on open units) and anti-vibration pads between the frame and the engine and alternator, is an excellent choice for urban settings.

It is rated for customers in unregulated or EPA Tier 4 interim territories.

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