Product Feature: 250 kW Triton Diesel Generator Set

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This 250 kW Triton diesel genset starts with an Iveco generator engine. Iveco has been engineering highly efficient engines with a customer-first mentality for decades. You can find Iveco diesel engines (as well as those operating off other fuel types) in busses, fire trucks, construction vehicles and more worldwide. They design their eco-friendly power generation from their Italian headquarters.

You’ll find Iveco model number C87TE1D within this 250 kW Triton diesel generator. This is an 8.7 liter, six-cylinder engine powered by diesel fuel. This engine operates at 1,800 RPM and 290 kWm or 389 HP.

Iveco prides itself on both safety and efficiency paired with low operating costs. This engine and genset are UL 2200 listed and EPA certified. With a full load, fuel efficiency is rated at 64 L/hr; a half load requires 39 L/hr.

You’ll find features like turbocharged aftercooled aspiration and electronic speed governing included as well. The 250 KW Triton diesel genset and its Iveco engine provide clean rapid starting at temperatures as low as -13°F with air preheating.

Other Genset Components

Power is transformed within this 250 kW generator set using a 3 phase, 60 Hz Stamford alternator. Both 277/480 V and 120/208 V configurations are available.

Control and diagnostics are available via Deep Sea control panel model #DSE7310. This gives facilities access to advanced features, such as USB and Ethernet connectivity, a simple user interface, faulty part detection for preventative maintenance, and fuel level monitoring – all in multiple languages. The automatic starting system of this 250 kW Triton genset allows for use with an automatic transfer switch.

This genset comes with a 1 year or 1,000-hour limited warranty for peace of mind.

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