23 kW Yanmar Diesel Generator Set

Product Feature: 23 kW Yanmar Diesel Generator Set

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For a highly reliable synchronous electrical generator powered by a diesel engine, choose the 23 kW Yanmar Diesel Generator Set. With a power rating of 60Hz, the compact generator is equipped to supply off-grid power to your job site, business or recreational event.

The Yanmar generator uses the CEM7 control panel, which monitors the generator’s electrical signal and manages the genset’s engine control. The measurement module is responsible for performing the tasks of monitoring the control unit for any potential safety errors. The panel’s display module provides information about the generator’s status while allowing the user to interact with the device. The user is able to control, program and configure the generator’s functions right from the display module.

The 23 kW Yanmar Diesel Generator Set features an acoustic cabin including a sound attenuated enclosure. The white steel canopy supported by a black skid base uses high-quality sound-absorbing and fire retardant polyurethane foam. The genset’s high-performance silencers are used to minimize exhaust noise, making the environment more comfortable for you, your employees and your neighbors.

Among many other impressive features, the 23 kW Yanmar Diesel Generator Set provides easy transportation methods with a lifting eye on the top of the enclosure for cranes, as well as lifting slots on the skid. Maintenance is made easy with outer filling fuel ports, doors on each side of the generator’s enclosure for easy engine access, and an internal enclosure light.

Safety measures of the highest standards have been met in the 23 kW Yanmar Diesel Generator Set design to ensure that all persons and devices within reach of the operating genset are protected. In addition to the automatic control module safety features, an emergency stop pushbutton has been installed on the outer enclosure for easy access during an emergency.

The 23 kW Yanmar Diesel Generator Set is driven by three-phase power and a battery charging alternator. Available options for open units include a sound-attenuated weatherproof enclosure and a critical muffler. The generator is EPA certified and backed by a 1 year or 1,000-hour warranty.

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