2000 kW Broadcrown Diesel Generator Set

Product Feature: 2000 kW Broadcrown Diesel Generator Set

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When choosing a generator, it is important that you consider your functional priorities. Diesel generators are highly-efficient, long-lasting and cost-efficient.

For a heavy-duty, highly reliable diesel-fueled Cummins generator, choose the 2000 kW Broadcrown Diesel Generator Set. This Tier 2 electrical generator features an impressive Deep Sea control panel and high-quality compact design for user-friendly operation.

The generator’s canopies made of robust steel are polyester powder coated in white. The acoustic cabin efficiently manages cool air, while using durable sound-absorbing and fire retardant polyurethane foam for insulation. The genset also uses high-performance silencers to minimize noise pollution.

The 2000 kW Broadcrown Diesel Generator Set uses a Deep Sea control module with an integral stand and circuit breaker, ensuring a dependable and user-friendly operating system. The control panels automatically monitor your utility supply, as well as display warnings and engine status information on the LCD screen, and remotely through PC and text alerts.

For operational safety, the generator includes an emergency stop button installed outside of the enclosure for easy access during an urgent situation. In addition, guards secure all rotating components and hot exhaust surfaces on the generator to ensure personnel protection during use.

Easy access and transport options on the 2000 kW Broadcrown Diesel Generator Set make maintenance quick and painless. A custom double-walled fuel tank with an easily accessible outer fuel port and drainage outlet makes for convenient refueling and draining. Doors on each side of the enclosure for engine access and an internal enclosure light are installed for inspection purposes.

The three-phase 2000 kW Broadcrown Diesel Generator Set features an 8-hour base mounted fuel tank, a battery charging alternator and a sound-attenuated weatherproof enclosure. The genset is backed by a 1 year/1,000 hour limited warranty.

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