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Product Feature: 190 kW John Deere Diesel Generator Set

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Triton’s 190 kW John Deere diesel genset is built to provide 3-phase power in territories that aren’t required to comply with EPA or EU emissions legislation. With the John Deere engine model #6068 HF258 as a base, this generator set provides 190kW of standby power and 170 kW of prime power. Due to automatic output voltage regulation, this generator set is excellent at compensating for load and temperature changes.

John Deere Engine Model #6068 HF258

The 6.8L 6068H is part of the PowerTech E family from John Deere. This line includes a two-valve cylinder head with a crow-flow design for cost-conscious breathing. Air-to-air aftercooling provides efficient cooling without affecting fuel efficiency.

John Deere Engine Model #6068 HF258 is a 6.8L engine with 6 cylinders. The engine speed is 1,800 RPM with an engine power output of 253 HP or 189 kWm at 1,800 RPM. Dry, the engine weighs 1,340 pounds and measures 44.2” (length) by 25.9” (width) by 40.8” (height). This engine’s oil capacity is 34L and the coolant capacity is 30L.

The 190 kW John Deere genset is diesel powered. Fuel consumption at full load is 51.7 L/hr. At 75% load, fuel consumption is 39.7 L/hr and at 50% load, the engine requires 25.8 L of fuel per hour.

Other Genset Components

The 60 Hz Stamford alternator is brushless, self-excited and battery charging. Deep Sea Control Panel model #DSE7310 is a user-friendly way to monitor both utility supply and generator conditions. The LCD screen, as well as PC and text alerts, communicate with onsite operators and remote technicians.

A sound attenuated enclosure is available from Triton. This enclosure is powder coated, sound absorbing, fire retardant and offers cool air management, all on a black skid base. It is also possible to add heaters to the genset’s engine block, oil and alternator, depending on the climate your facility is in.

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