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Product Feature: 10 kW Defender Portable Gasoline Generator

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No matter what your backup and off-grid power needs are, Americas Generators has a generator for your property. We offer a selection of high-quality gas generators for applications that don’t require the power of a diesel genset. One such offering is the 10 kW portable gasoline generator, part of the Defender Series.

Despite its small size (this unit is 31.7 inches long x 21.26 inches wide x 25.2 inches tall), you’ll have plenty of power. That’s thanks to an industrial-grade engine. Every member of the Defender Series is durable, versatile and reliable. This 10 kW portable gasoline generator is no exception. The 76-decibel noise level is similar to that of a TV, radio or vacuum cleaner running in your home.

This generator operates at a running wattage of 8 kW and offers 10 kW of peak wattage. This output is plenty of power for residential power outages, job sites, tailgating and camping. The unit’s size, coupled with a heavy-duty frame and tires, make it simple to transport, whether you’re going from the garage to the yard, camper to campsite or truck to job site.

An eight-gallon gas tank offers nine hours of run time at 50% load. This long run time potential is due to excellent fuel efficiency, an engine that runs cool and reduced oil consumption. In addition to fuel efficiency, these features make regular maintenance, such as oil changes, easy.

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