Preparing For The Rainy Season Ahead

Preparing For The Rainy Season Ahead

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The wetness of spring undeniably brings about torrential rains, lightning, and thunder storms to various locations across the globe. Such extreme conditions justify giving your home some extra attention.  

One of the first areas of your home to inspect ahead of the rainy season is your roof.  This is the first point of inspection to keep your home safe and to prevent water from causing massage damage within your walls.  A damaged or leaking roof can wreak havoc to your home with water ruining ceilings, walls, drywall, and insulation.  Additionally, check that your rain gutters are not blocked with leaves or debris.  Blocked rain gutters can prevent proper drainage which can lead to water damage.

Water can seep and spread through the cracks on your walls quickly.  Look for any signs of water damage.  What may have caused tiny leaks now may cause massage damage later with a big storm.  Leaking water can not only cause physical damage to walls and ceilings, but it can also affect your electric wiring and breakers.  Additionally, water behind the walls can get unknowingly worse and turn into mold.  Mold can cause untold amounts of physical home damage as well as raise health concerns.

Diesel generators come in handy for those who want uninterrupted power supply at home despite inclement weather conditions. Electricity problems and power outages are no match for a diesel generator.

The wet season is ahead.  Be prepared.

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