Preparing for a Disaster

Preparing for a Disaster

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Powerful events like strong rainstorms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters can knock out power in an instant. It can leave your business or home pitch black and can cause great inconveniences. Want to prevent down time? Diesel generators are your answer.

Before Disaster Strikes

Announcements or advisories are often given at least a day or even several days before it some natural disasters strike. Other events, like a tornado or earthquake, can strike in an instant. It’s best to prepare in advance to safeguard your business, home, and family.

  1. Stock up on food. Keep a supply of non-perishable food that will last for at least three days. You also need to stock up on drinking water and water for hygiene needs.
  2. Keep a first aid kit handy. Check if you have basic medicine for fever, cough and colds, and some bandages too. If you use medication, try and have some in emergency stock.
  3. You can’t do much if you can’t see. Keep candles, matches and flashlights. Store extra batteries, too.

During A Natural Disaster

  1. Keep your refrigerator and freezer closed. During power outages, your refrigerator can keep perishable foods fresh and cold for a few hours and about 48 hours for the freezer. Opening the fridge and freezer only briefly for necessity will keep foods from perishing. If your gas supply is uninterrupted, consume perishable foods, first.
  2. Keep yourself comfortable. During warm weather, drink plenty of water and wear light and comfortable clothes. If the weather is cold, put on layers of clothing to keep you warm. If the power outage will last for a few days, stay at a friend’s or a relative’s that still has accessible conveniences, or drive out of the city, if possible.
  3. It is important to turn off all electrical appliances and equipment. A power surge may short circuit your gadgets and devices.
  4. Keep a diesel generator for your basic electricity needs. Small generators may range on the power capacity so plan ahead to understand your capacity needs to satisfy your electricity consumption.

Most power outages are indeed unpreventable, especially during a natural disaster. However, by planning ahead you can minimize your inconveniences and maximize safety.

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