Power for Down Range Military Units

Power for Down Range Military Units

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Americans observe Armed Forces Day every third Saturday of May in honor of the country’s men and women in uniform. The observance is actually a culmination of a bigger celebration known as Armed Forces Week that kicks off the second Saturday of May.

Many events are held across the country to honor our men and women who serve the country in times of peace and war. Activities include military displays, educational activities, and parades.

During the celebration of Armed Forces Day, people may become more familiar with certain aspects of the military. They may learn about about the weapons and weapon systems or about military transport, including planes, ships, trucks, etc.

An area most Americans are not familiar with is the military’s use of electrical power in the field. When soldiers are in combat or when they are assigned to far-flung outposts, there is rarely a regular supply of electricity. Combat zones are usually off the power grid. Thus, there is a need for other sources of electricity. 

Military outposts consume a lot of electricity, largely because the U.S. military is one of the most electronically sophisticated military forces in the world.  Since technology requires electricity, most units need massive generators to keep power flowing. 

The U.S. military is ready with their own power units to sustain troops in all different corners of the globe. Military members may actually build mini power grids for larger installations. 

The military uses diesel generators in their remote outposts. The generators range from 2kW to 501 kW and up. As part of the military’s greening project, the diesel generators are now augmented by frontline renewable energy power stations, using a mix of solar and wind power.

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