Perkins Generator Engine (Model # 1104D – E44TG1)

Perkins Generator Engine (Model # 1104D – E44TG1)

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Not all generators are created equal. The Perkins 1100 Series diesel generators have consistently been among the most popular diesel generators in the compact engine space. This series set the bar high for this class of generators.

This diesel generator class manufactured by Perkins is powered by a 4.4 liter, turbo-charged after cooled vertical in-line, 4-cylinder engine. The diesel engine is capable of rapid start in seemingly any condition and performs impressively on a very low operating cost. The diesel motor is both durable and economical for both standby and prime operations.

Diesel Generator Alternator

This Perkins generator uses a Stamford alternator with 60 Hz power rating. It has a standby power rating of 65kW or 80 kVA and a prime power rating of 60 kW or 75 kVA.  And Stamford alternators comply with the strictest regulations and highest standards of the diesel generator industry.

Diesel Generator Control Panel

Perkins’ diesel generator control panel has an Auto Mains Failure Control Module that is suited for different applications for diesel engines. The control panel monitors the utility supply and the other features of the generator.  It will display warnings, engine status, and shutdowns through its LCD screen and remotely through the computer or text alerts. The push button controls emphasize the user-friendly interface of the generator.

Diesel Generator Safety Standards

Perkins generators are equipped with automatic control modules that will monitor errors such as over-temperature or over-current.  The control panel monitors frequency fluctuations and output voltages with an alarm system.  The insulation wirings comply with UL standards.  It is equipped with locking door handles and an emergency stop, which is located on the outside of the enclosure.

Optional 100 Gallon Sub-Base Diesel Generator Fuel Tank

Why not equip your Perkins diesel generator with a Triton sub-base fuel tank with a built-in steel dike that acts as a spill reservoir? A top cover also prevents debris from entering protected components. The sub-base fuel tank is double walled and is compliant to U.L. 142 specifications. The tank weighs only 1995 lbs.

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