Perkins Engine Model 400 Series

Perkins Engine Model 400 Series

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One of the game changers in the diesel generator scene is the brand Perkins. The 400 series is one Perkins’ best-selling commercial generators.

This generator model is packed with a 1.1-liter engine that aspirated in a natural manner inside a three cylinder vertical in-line motor. The size of the engine makes this generator more convenient, too.

The 400 model Perkins diesel generator is economical, performs impressively, and the cost to operate is minimal. Some of its great features include:

  • an excellent power rating of 60 Hz
  • performance power of 11kVA/9kW
  • the ability to start instantly because of its Automatic Starting System
  • an alternator that charges the generators’ battery automatically
  • built-in circuit breaker
  • skid mounting feature
  • EPA certified

The machine is made from top quality metal and went through a paint process that is second to none when it comes to standards. The painting involves three essential steps so that it results in one of the toughest painting jobs in the industry. With high-quality metal and with a protective powder coating, the canopies of this machine are so sturdy and can handle any beating that comes its’ way.

The diesel generator is not only tough but it also comes with 1,000 hours or 1-year limited warranty. The warranty means that whichever comes first, 1,000 hours or 1 year, you will be enjoying Perkins’ guaranteed benefits.

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